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COB LED Grow Lights - Perfectly Blended Light - No Hot Spots - Runs Cool - CE, ROHS, FCC - Heavy Duty Magnification Lens - Spectacular Results - Buy It Back Guarantee - USA/Canada - Customized Spectrums - FREE Shipping NA

What Are Chip On Board Grow Lights?

MCOB and COB Grow Lights - https://www.cobgrowlights.com/blogs/news/72284421-mcob-and-cob-led-grow-lights

History Of COB Grow Lights - https://www.cobgrowlights.com/blogs/news/66770501-cob-grow-lights

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Perfectly blended light and NO HOT SPOTS. GrowthStar Powerbloom COB will provide your plants with light they can actually use. We estimate that over 3/4 of growers are still growing with lights that are not specifically designed for growing plants. If you have not yet tried growing with chip on board LEDs you have to try it. You will visible be able to see healthier root systems, thick juicy stems, and very healthy plants that haven't been deprived of the proper spectrum blends that they need. The heavy duty magnification lenses are there to boost par value (different angles can be provided along with different spectrum settings for volume orders). Order yours today! If you aren't satisfied we will buy it back because we are that confident that you will want to order again and again. If you are planning on buying multiples please contact us for wholesale volume order discounts.

Be careful of LED grow lights advertising 'total' watts without showing you the 'actual' watts. One of the biggest misconceptions and confusions with LED grow lights happens when people misinterpret 'total' watts as the watts they will be getting. Always look for the actual draw from the wall which can be 40-60% less than what companies advertise online. This is especially true when dealing with Amazon, China, Ebay or any other online marketplace. If they don't clarify what their total watts are then make sure to ask for it - otherwise assume it is 40-60% less than the 'total' watts because LEDs will have an actual draw in that range.

What types of Chips do the GrowthStar Spiders Use? Bridgelux, Epistar. While many folks argue that Cree is in the neighbourhood of being 10% more efficient, it is also true that it is 40-70% more expensive! GrowthStar's market research showed a resounding majority of growers preferred the 2/3 reduction in price for the same results.The company will continue to test and develop new products to strike a balance between results and economy - so far it appears to be doing just that.

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