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COB LED Grow Lights Q&A

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Questions And Answers (Some lines may be out of date, email for updated lines)

Specifications on GrowthStar Scorpion models are being updated.

  1. What are the specifications of the GrowthStar Spider COB grow light?

Type of Light Source: High power MCOB Chip
Quantity of LED: 4PCS 96W MCOB LED
Input Voltage(V): AC100V-240V
Wavelength Range: 370~850nm
PF: 0.9902/100V (0.9621/220V)
Color of Lamp Body: Black
Actual Power: 200W led grow light
Input Voltage 100~240V AC
Frequency:50/60 HZ
Input Current:600mA
Beam Angle:120 degrees
Lumens Output:17280lm
Par Value 300mm:1880µmol
Working Environment:-25~55 degree
Size of Lamp Body: L290*W290*H60mm
Packing Size: L343*W343*H113mm
Packing Weight:5.3kg

  1. What is the PAR value of spider COB grow light?

Email for updated specs

  1. What is the footprint of Spider COB grow light?

Spider grow light
Model Light Height of hanging Maximum Area Light Footprint
Spider4 36" 20.6 sq.ft 55"x55"
40" 25.0 sq.ft 60"x60"
48" 39.9 sq.ft 76"x76"


  1. What is the beam angle of lens for the GrowthStar Spider MCOB grow light?

60/90/120/140degree can be chosen but the standard setting is 120
in the beginning, we were planning to make it 180 degree since it can cover larger area, but most growers suggested to make it with 120 degrees because it can cover a large area and the PAR value is enhanced. 

  1. What is the Spectrum and Real power of Spider MCOB Grow Light?
    1st type is regular ratio with 660nm:460nm 8:1, this have 36pcs LED in EACH COB, the actual power draw is about 243w.

    2nd type is FULL Spectrum withUV380 1PCS, IR730 1PCS,6500K 2PCS,440NM 4PCS,460NM 6PCS,580NM 1PCS,610NM 1PCS,630NM 4PCS,660NM 10PCS the actual power is 236w.

The brand of LED is Epistar and EpiLEDs, both of them are from our Taiwan manufacturers. 

Epistar LED
ES-CADBV45P Venus-series blue 450 45mil 700mA 
ES-CABLV45P Venus-series blue 460nm 45mil 700mA 
ES-SMSOPX42 UHB-PX orange 615nm 42mil 700 mA 
ES-SMHRPX42 UHB-PX red 624nm 42mil 700 mA
ES-SMBRPN42C UHB-PN red 660nm 42mil 700 mA 
ES-SMHFPN42B UHB-PN red 730nm 42mil 700 mA 

UV and White from Epiled 
EP-U4545K-A3 45mil UV 
EP-B4545V-A3 45mil White

6. How many do you have in stock in case I plan to make a large order?

We usually keep at least 100 units in stock. However, if you are making a larger order, we will have it ready usually within 30 days delivered to your door. For an accurate response please phone in.

7. Can you make custom products?

Customized versions are available depending on the requirements.

8. What is the height to hang them from the plant?

Hanging height: We suggest to hang the unit at a distance of 12-24” according to different stages of growth.

9. How much do they cost?

Prices are all listed on the website

10. What is the warranty policy?

We provide a 3 year warranty. During the 3 years, in case there are any quality issue by our side, we will arrange the shipping to get the defective lamp back and then send the good one to you. If it is a smaller issue we will ship you a replacement part for the unit. This warranty is only available to those who buy through www.cobgrowlights.com (a North American company) with fulfillment and servicing for Canada/USA.

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