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MCOB and COB LED Grow Lights

One of the top performing yet underutilized forms of indoor LED in 2015 was the 'Multiple Chips On Board (MCOB) High-powered grow light. Specifically designed for indoor cultivation, the LED semiconductor chips are tightly packed and run at the highest possible currents. 

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The benefits includes greater flexibility in design, increased spectrum distribution, improved management of thermal energy, and decreased costs associated with modular manufacturing method (such as reduced customization requirements).

multiple chip on board

Grow lights with MCOB LEDs look different than your typical 3W and 5W grow light. See here in the image below for example. The different colors indicate individual LEDs in different spectrum ratios. 

mcob grow lightmcob led chip

A group of a few dozen of these tiny LEDs form an MCOB grow light. Because the light comes from a small area, the spectrum blends are drastically improved over antiquated grow lighting technology.

mcob grow light - cob grow light

LED grow lights such as the MCOB and COB series grow lights are often compared with HPS and HID grow light sources. While both sides have their backers, there have not been enough studies to conclude whether one way is better than the other. Some growers do however claim (in individual testing) that they've experienced greater energy efficiency and reduced heat output using COB and MCOB grow lights. This should come as good news to any grower that is unhappy with their current energy bills. Switching to MCOB or COB often means paying a fraction of the cost of other top selling 3W and 5W arrays.

plants vs human eye

While plant biology is not something we all understand, it is important to remember that plants react differently to light spectrums than humans. What you and I perceive as light (based on brightness) may not look as bright to a plant. Plants do not absorb all spectrums. In fact, green, yellow, and a few others only make up a small percentage of light absorbed. Many indoor cultivators commonly believe that if plants look bright under HID (high intensity discharge), HPS (high pressure sodium), or Metal Halide bulbs and lamps, that the plants are getting lots of light. This is simply not the case. Plants require a variety of spectrums including UV and IR to achieve maximum efficiency and health.

  scorpion mcob grow light

COB grow lights generally consist of white light as far as LED technology goes. COB, which stands for Chip On Board, makes an excellent light source for residential and commercial lighting projects. Using Blue 440nm LEDs and phosphor coating for color correction, it produces a spectrum blend that has been adapted into our latest Scorpion Grow light series. While white lights found in COB grow lights are well-suited for producing vegetables, plants, and other crops. the MCOB grow light is well-suited for growing any kind of plant. This includes different strains, and stages be it vegetative or flowering.

Growers shouldn't limit themselves to just purple, red, or blue LED grow lights found in previous products. What might work for growing lettuce is not the best option for growing other types of plants. This is more important when growing on a large commercial scale as the little things add up. In those cases, MCOB LED grow lights which blend 9 types of spectrums per MCOB chip is a more efficient option. The special blends of pink/blue (purple) light found on MCOB chips gives almost all plants the light they can utilize to a high degree.

Just Purple isn’t good enough, previous generations of LED Grow lights used combinations of red and blue, producing a purple blend that is adequate for growing lettuces but MCOB blends 9 different spectrum on a single MCOB Chip, recreating an exact blend of purplish light, high feeding plants love.

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