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Growthstar Scorpion COB Grow Light Trial enters final weeks: Notes from 3rd party Cultivator

550 watt Scorpion COB Grow Light side by side with 1000 watt HPS


growthstar scorpion led review




Provided by one of our third-party medical grow

Operating costs $0.05/hr on left $0.11/hr on right.
Not including additional energy requirements of fan/ventilation on right due to higher heat output of HPS lamps.

Grow on the left side stays much cooler. Higher risk of hot spots on right (HPS provides uneven light spread and poor light mixing/spectrums) and lower risk of hot spots on left (COB chips provide an even spread with best light mixing and optimized spectrums).

PS: Left side may last 10 years with no replacements needed and right side will require a new bulb every 5-7 months ($40-$70 depending on where you get it from). 
cob grow light vs hps grow light
The Scorpion COB LED grow lights on the left are producing full flowerscob led grow light full flowers

1000W HPS light not doing as well as 550W COB?Flowers on the 1000W HPS are looking a bit behind compared to the ones growing under a 550W COB LED grow light (Growthstar Scorpion).

Full 4x4 grow light coverage from the Scorpion Growthstar series COB LED grow lights

4x4 led grow light full coverageAgain, not surprisingly, the flowers under the 1000W HPS (shown below) are less developed than the ones growing under the 550W Scorpion chip on board LED grow light.hps grow light smaller than cob grow light flowersWhich side looks healthier? Left or right?

cob grow light vs hps grow light

550w cob led left vs 1000w hps grow light rightTwo plants grown under a 550W chip on board LED grow light (Growthstar Scorpion) vs some generic 1000W HPS grow light.

When we saw these pictures we thought to ourselves, man... If companies selling anything other than chip on board LED grow lights saw this they would freak out. Of course they don't want the public to know... They would be out of business! That is scary for many considering how quickly things are changing in the cannabis industry.

"We estimate that the U.S. cannabis consumer market for legalized recreational and medicinal use was $4.4 billion in 2015
and will grow to $9.5 billion in 2019. Once legalized federally,
we estimate this market will grow to $37 billion within 5 years
and $50 billion within 10 years." - New Cannabis Ventures

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March 10, 2016

I would like to know the price on this light.

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