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The Growthstar Scorpion series is the more powerful older brother to the already powerful Spider series of grow lights. It is a product of a lot of time, money, and R&D. Basically, a lot of smart people who know lots about how to grow freakishly large plants have figured out a way to give 'herbs' the proper spectrums for optimal yields. If you don't know what that means then visit our Facebook page to view our sample grow trials.

The results of using the Scorpion grow lights include increased potency, greater yields, more nutrient-rich herbs, and more grams yielded per kW.

When you give plants a good environment to grow with the proper nutrients, light, soil, light, and water, they automatically flourish give you a good harvest in return. This is the way it has always been yet we continue to see growers using the wrong tools for the job because they don't know any better.

When you purchase any products from cobgrowlights.com note that we will always offer a discount on your future purchases if you've purchased a grow light and we release a newer version of that same series not long after.