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Beam Angle Coverage

Customer: Good afternoon,

We received the spider 4x MCOB on Tuesday and have been running it since. Very nice unit. Thank you.

I’ve a couple of questions I hope you can answer. The webpage lists a beam angle of 90 degrees, but the linked pdf says 120. The manufacturer says they do lens from 180 down to 60 degrees, so I’m not 100% sure what the actual beam angle is.

This of course has implications on coverage and how high to hang the light. For reference, we’re testing this light in a 4x4 tent with 6 different plants, all different strains.

I’m assuming higher or veg vs. flowering, but not quite sure what my operational limits are.

Thanks for your time and consideration in responding to this email.

COB Grow Lights: The effective Beam angle is 90-100 degrees, the 4x can be operated very close to heathy plants, 6- 10 in. but young or weaker plants,  25-40 in.

LED works best with shorter  plants, so pinch tops to encourage heavy side growth or bend tops away from light, best results within 3 ft from spider.

Customer: They are all autos, so I’ve been warned away from any high stress training, but they should stay fairly short.

Sounds like I can mount it about 30 inches away from the spouts and just let them grow up into the range, possibly tweaking when well into flowering.

Can’t imagine it’ll be long before we’re after a bigger one for a larger tent.

Thanks again for your time.

COB Grow Lights: Go lower, once plants are heathy, get that light down as low as your set up will allow, just hang chain and adjust once and a while. Just gently bend tops that get to close.

Best of luck, let us know how you did.

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