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Have you ever felt like something was missing from your grow arsenal?

It's quite possible - if you aren't using Growthstar's enhanced chip on board LED technology...

Want to...

Karate chop your energy bills?
Reduce heat output?
Maximize working space?
Increase grams yielded per kW?
Help the environment by reducing 'light pollution' in a major way?

Then it's time to take off the brakes and stop the insanity! Time to try Growthstar's 'secret sauce'

In short, if you plan to do any growing over a 12 month time-frame then it is worth switching over from antiquated grow lighting setups. Old tech is not only bad for the environment but less efficient and costly in the long-run. Join us as we take a step into 'new-tech' territory. You are already investing money in nutrients, grow chambers, fans, and other expensive but necessary equipment. Don't cheap out on the most important elements!

Seed - Soil - Sunshine - and Rain

For many decades, plant biologists have been trying to unlock the secrets of mother nature. More recent breakthroughs in scientific research takes us a step closer to creating more efficient alternative methods of artificially giving plants the light spectrums best suited to them without unnecessary heat and wasted energy.