We only accept orders made within USA and Canada. Generous buy back policy. Call or email us if you plan on ordering multiples to get wholesale pricing.

Refund Policy

We know what it is like to find a supplier online, get the pitch, and then order tens of thousands of dollars worth of inventory only to find that half of them don't turn on. 

We have had our fair share of issues in dealing with Chinese suppliers. The fact that this continues to happen even as a company with a larger purchase order is surprising. 

Many private growers that just want to order 1 or 2 grow lights ordering directly from an overseas vendor can be left with a defective product and no recourse. This is a common reason why there are many angry people on grower forums that say don't buy from China - even if the products might be decent. 

The fact is over 90% of all LED grow lights sold are made in China. We decided to offer our services to protect our customers from vendors that do not deliver as promised. Providing excellent customer service is part of building a long-term business. If you order from us and have a defective product we can either buy it back, ship you the replacement part at no cost, or take the grow light back for servicing and then ship it back out to you. We may make no profit on the particular sale (might even be a loss) but you are happy and that is what matters most.

You will never find a grow light manufacturing company that is 100% free from defective products. In many cases it can be impossible to tell until the product is in use. This happens even with even the largest name brand vehicles... 

So what do we do about it? Simple. We are here to take our customers inquiries when they find a defect and are able to respond quickly. This means providing servicing and shipping the grow light back in working order - something you won't find overseas companies bothering to do.

We have sold thousands of grow lights over the years and are proud to say that our customers feel protected. This is why they continue to come back again and again.

We are in the business of helping people experience similar successes that we've had ourselves with chip on board LEDs and the energy savings that follow. 

Whether you decide to buy grow lights from another company or build your own is completely up to you. We can only continue to test our grow lights and publish grow trial results for our visitors to make their own assumptions. If we knew of a better product on the market we would probably be promoting that instead.

We stand behind our products and are constantly testing them to make sure they get the job done. We are biased when we say that they work better than most of the things that we've tried however we also buy into the positive experiences of our customers. 

Having a problem? Email sales@cobgrowlights.com or call 1-877-724-0291 for quick 24 hour response