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GrowthStar COB Grow Bar

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When weather conditions are not optimal for growing (e.g. rain, winter, or not enough light), the COB Grow Bar makes a perfect companion. 

Add the grow profile to the mix to give your plants more strength and to accelerate the growth of your plants that have inadequate exposure to natural sunlight.

The Chip On Board Grow Bar is specially designed for growing cannabis (marijuana) plants indoors and are widely used by professional medical growers.

Are your plants not as healthy looking as they could be? It may be the lack of sunlight. Don't let poor sunlight be an excuse for not growing strong and healthy plants. Try our grow profile LED's.

This item is typically bought in larger quantities in the 100-1000 ranges. Send us an email for best pricing and shipping method. sales@cobgrowlights.com


Model Number: G-GB-COB

LED Brand: Bridgelux, EpiLED

LED Array: 6/7/9x3W

Color Ratio: Red:Blue = 4:1

Beam Angle: 110 degrees

Wattage: 40 ~ 70W

Weight 2.3 - 3.0 kgs

Dimension 1000 x 80 x 65mm

IP 65

Dimmability: Not for this model

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