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GrowthStar Greenhouse 2X LED Grow Light

GrowthStar's greenhouse 2X LED grow light has been carefully designed for greenhouse usage to speed up the growing process. The color ratios and light spectrums are designed to accelerate plant growth in both the vegetative and blooming stages. It can be used for hydroponics, horticulture, farms, and aeroponics, and even vertical garden applications. Many of our buyers are using them to grow fresh, healthy, and organic vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, and more. They are also very effective for indoor cannabis cultivation (marijuana, algae, basil), for flowers, fruits, and more. The vents are designed to repell water from the top and all four sides of the Greenhouse 2X fixture which solves many of the issues that growers using LED fixtures from other companies have been complaining about.

This item is typically bought in larger quantities (100s-1000s) for commercial and industrial settings. Email sales@cobgrowlights.com for best pricing and shipping methods. 

Model Number: G-GH-2X-LED

Spectrum 400 - 740nm

Par value: 120umol (100cm)

Number of LEDs: 160pcs (3W)

Power Consumed: 480W - 800W

Dimensions: 1350 x 220 x 94 (mm)

Weight: 6.75kgs gross - 5.85kgs net

Coverage: 0.5 (m) x 1.5 (m)

Applications: Greenhouses, nurseries, commercial indoor gardens, 


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